Ballet Fundamentals

Basic Ballet introduction, focusing on proper positioning, flexibility, and strengthening the key muscle groups necessary for strong, fluid, beautiful ballet and dance movement. 

Worship Dance and Ballet Choreography

Building on and improving strong ballet fundamentals, with added focus on precision, timing, uniformity, and more advanced positioning and movements.

Private Classes

Available upon request, private classes are great for beginners seeking extra instruction, advanced ballet dancers preparing for an audition, or performers and actors who need dance in one of their roles


Classes will be limited to 8 students max to enable social distancing protocol.

Parent/Guardians are asked not to stay and watch the classes.

Punctuality is very important, please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your class and pick up students no later than 5 minutes after class.

Social distancing measure will be enforced, if a student is unable to maintain social distancing measures, they will be asked to sit out of the class.